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About Us

          In 1974, Tropic Waters, Inc. opened a 960 square foot store. Three years later, Jim Reiman moved to Eau Claire to manage the store. Originally, the core product line included tropical fish along with all their necessary supplies. Parakeets, reptiles and other small animals were added in 1979 with the addition of 540 square feet. To meet the needs of our customer base, the store continued to grow through the years with the addition of many popular brands of pet food.


        In 1997, Jim purchased the store he had managed for the past 23 years and formed Tropic Waters Pet Center as a full-line pet store — featuring products and livestock. Since then, the store has continued to grow in response to customer demand. In 2007, Bark Avenue Salon, a pet grooming service was added. In 2008, Tropic Waters Pet Center made it’s biggest change yet. After outgrowing the store on E. Clairemont, we moved to Hamilton Ave and expanded to more than 11,000 square feet. Throughout its history, Tropic Waters has proudly been locally owned and operated.

Store Pets


Torq is an English Cream Golden Retriever that arrived in our store in June 2014. With his adorable looks, perfect personality, he stole our hearts and never left. He loves other dogs, giving big sloppy dog kisses, and belly rubs!


Buddy was surrendered to us in February of 2011 and has made great strides in his health since being here. Buddy came to us with numerous skin and mouth infections, he was underweight, and had  mangled toes. It took a proper attentive care and diligent force feeding to get Buddy to come around. Although, Buddy will never be just like a normal Iguana, we love him around here!


Cinder thinks she's a princess and expects everyone to act accordingly. Cinder was the last of a littler of kittens here in the store, she just seemed like a perfect fit, so again she just never left! She is much more secretive about her whereabouts compared to Buttons.


Romeo is our old man around here. If what we were told is accurate when we got him his true age is over 100 years old now. He doesn't climb around his cage or fly but can still say a few phrases and enjoys a neck rub. He is a yellow capped Amazon.

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