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Fish for Every Tank​


We are home to over 3,000 gallons of freshwater fish and plants. We specialize in the health and well being of the aquarium hobby.  Proper education is key to maintaining a healthy aquarium, whether it be a simple betta to a 75 gallon tank with live plants, we are here to help! New and exciting fish and plants are always arriving, our stock changes on a regular basis.

Tropical Fish

Tropical fish comprise the largest and most diverse section of our store. This is where our namesake came from and where we pride ourselves in being the best in our local area. Tropical fish range from easy to keep danios and bettas to more complex fish such as eels and discus.


We carry discus, live-bearers, cichlids (African and South American), tetras, gouramis, barbs, catfish, and everything in between including unique fish. 

Goldfish & Koi

We carry a variety of domestic and oriental goldfish year round.  A common misconception is that goldfish only grow to the size of their tank, the truth is, a goldfishes' potential size is 8-12". Goldfish are easily stressed when kept improperly, therefor not living to their true potential


Koi and a more expansive line of pond fish are available in spring and summer. These fish do best in outdoor ponds or large aquariums. Koi are one of the longest living fish and make a great additon to outdoor ponds. Also available in the spring and summer months are a variety of floating, marginal, and pond lillies.

Live Plants

Live plants boast a variety of benefits when added to most freshwater aquariums. They produce oxygen and absorb the carbon dioxide and ammonia that your fish generate. Live plants in your aquarium mimic a natural ecosystem, reduce algae growth, and provide shelter and security for your fish. Live plants thrive when given special care such as enhanced lighting, CO2 system, nutritional supplements, and specific subtrates. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer water testing?

​Yes! We offer free water quality testing to help ensure health or diagnose issues in your tank. Just bring 4oz of water or call for further instructions. 

Do you offer a fish warranty?

We will replace any fish that dies from us within the first week at full price. Please provide us with a water sample, receipt, and type of fish. Some restrictions apply.

Can I put tropical fish and goldfish together?

We do not recommend keeping tropical fish and goldfish together. They have differing requirements for temperature and diet.

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