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 Bark Avenue Salon

(Pet Grooming)

Bark Avenue Salon has been open since 2007, and is in the business of making your K9 companion look its best!  Our natural shampoos and conditioners are gentle on sensitive skin, all natural, biodegradable, and free of harsh chemicals. We have a variety of shampoos for all types of coats. Our groomer, Erin, will ensure a low stress experience, while providing top notch care. She grooms all sizes from Chihuahuas to Saint Bernards.


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Full Groom
  • Starts at $44.99​*

(Varies on breed and size of dog)

Full Groom includes:

  • Bath

  • Toe Nail Trim

  • Ear Cleaning

  • Groom/Brush Out



  • Includes Bath and Nail Trim Only (No Brushing)

Other Services Offered

Nail Trims starting at - $9.99
Ear Cleaning/Pluck
Flea Bath*

Petzlife Dental Treatment
Anal Glands (Externally) 
Feet, Face, Fanny**

Nail Painting


*Added on top of bath or grooming price and will be done if fleas are found on your dog

**Toe Nail Trim included in price

"Love Ashley! Patient, funny, talkative, this place"                             - Karla Highley
"They have done an amazing job grooming my shih tzu. We get him groomed every 6-8 weeks and really like Bark Avenue. I just wish they had more weekend hours."                             - Melissa Vang
"Ashley is my groomer she is very in-tuned to the dogs. Because of her being in-tuned to the dogs, she actually saved my dogs life. We won't trust my babies to anybody else"                             - Jeanne Fransway
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